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I was a little nervous before the photo shoot. I normally don’t like myself on the pictures and to relax and look natural had never been easy for me.

I like the way Olga is treating her clients: always very gentle and sensitive. She acts as an artist, but naturally: you can relax and just be yourself. Personality is a key for her: she has talent to show this inner light of the character, some sort of glow, which will surround people on her photos; and most of us even never been aware that we might have it…

Working with Olga was a pleasure and made me feel very comfortable, but not only. I felt I could fully trust her taste, her photographic approach, her intuition… She made me feel very happy of being just myself and being a very feminine girl…

And the last one: I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good. Then have a look at her portfolio and you will understand what I mean :)

She is very lucky to do what she truly adores! You will love your photos :)

Olga K., Rotterdam

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Olga's creative ideas and enthusiastic way of working made our session a lot of fun.

One idea led to another, and combining our ideas made it hard to stop the session.
And I am totally thrilled with the results.
Would love to work with Olga again!
Edmond Steens,
actor, singer and model, Schiedam

As an artist I can make good use of the professional portraits of myself made by Olga Rook. Not only are they splendid, but they also have character.

In a single photo session Olga photographed me as a glamorous jazz singer, a dreamy singer-songwriter and as a colorful guitar player.

Apart from that, it was also a fun experience to work with such a passionate photographer as Olga.

Maaike Siegerist,
singer and songwriter, Rotterdam

I like Olga’s style a lot. The first time I had seen her photographs of my friend’s daughter I was astonished how much Olga’s photos reflect one’s unique character.

I have decided to have a photo shoot with Olga and was extremely happy about it. Olga's individual approach, flexibility, help with accessories, her professionalism and helpfulness before, during and after the shoot, all the extras, made me feel like a celebrity!

When I saw the photos I could not believe that this confident, stunning, beautiful, almost aristocratic lady is myself.

Olga has a gift to capture the best of your personality and present it to a viewer in a very attractive way.

Anastasia, The Hague

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For quite a while I was looking for a photographer who could capture our family in a beautiful and relaxed way to give my parents a present from my brother and myself. When I came across Olga’s site, the atmosphere of the photos immediately appealed to me, this was what I was looking for!

After a consultation talk we set the date when Olga would come to Zeeland to capture us in the surroundings where we often walk. On the day itself all of us were a little tense at first but the walk, relaxed atmosphere and Olga’s jokes quickly made it fun for us.

It was awesome to see my parents glow and enjoy the session. And they are so happy and proud of their present!

Thank you Olga that you captured our personalities and the underlying bands so well!

Eva, Middelburg

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Dear Olga,

Our baby girl is already 10 weeks old. All the clichés are true: it is a very special time and it passes by so quickly! The pregnancy feels so long ago now…

Then it is great to open that splendid album you made. We are so happy we could do this photoshoot with you. We look back at that day with pleasure.  And we wait for the moment when we can show this album to our little daughter. You have captured our love for each other so wonderfully and next to it all our love for her. Your personal approach was very pleasant for us.

We look forward to a photoshoot with you together with our sweet little daughter.

Warm wishes!

Elske, Utrecht

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The photos turned out so special! I really recognize our family in the atmospheric images and it is truly art to be able to capture that.

The pleasure of the joyous chaos speaks from the images and makes these photos unique.

Dymphna, Rotterdam

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Olga gives you the feeling you are the most beautiful woman in the world, so you feel special. And then just for those moments your true beauty shines and it’s captured for a lifetime in a photograph. It tells a story, the story about you, about how perfect you are.

Josefina, Apeldoorn

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I was looking for a photographer to make some portraits of me in Rotterdam area. I was about to leave the city, but I had deep feelings towards Rotterdam where I have studied and worked. I found Olga. She asked what type of photos I was expecting. I did not want the posy ones in the studio, but preferred being in a natural setting.

Olga took me to a park surrounded by many tall trees and a small beach. It was a private place with no visitors staring. I felt relaxed and the photos turned out well. I particularly love the pictures on the beach. Olga chooses great locations and she knows how the image will look like.

It was a fun experience. I will definitely collaborate with Olga again on another photo session when I return to Rotterdam.

Ms. Ma, Tianjin, China

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As a freelance designer I am always looking to distinguish myself, and I do this through my personal approach. I was looking for someone who would make new photos for my new website house-style. Not just some pictures but photos where I stand out. Photography will also be crucial for my new hous-style where it will re-appear in various forms.

I have chosen for Olga because of her wonderful warm photos and the good contact. She could perfectly translate my wishes into photos, and I am very glad with the result.

Thank you for the awesome collaboration! There is surely more to come :)

Carla Mooij, Rotterdam

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We were looking for photos with a more rough and sober feel to them. Together with Olga we had found the right tone for our photo session. 

Working with Olga was a pleasure. She  encouraged us where needed and gave us good feedback so that the photos turned out exactly as we wished.

Sandra, Bussum

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Living in Singapore, a country with tropical weather all year around, I can still sense the tender breeze blown across my face on the day Olga took my wedding photos two years ago in Holland, whenever I scan through my photo album.

Me and my husband got to know each other, fell in love and got married in the Netherlands. We knew someday we might leave this country and wanted to make the session a wonderful memory of this lovely place.

We made a good team. My husband drove us around Keukenhof, Kinderdijk and Rotterdam, I changed clothes and hairstyle on the way, and Olga took pictures for us. We were nowhere near models so we were a bit clumsy in front of the camera, especially when tourists at Kinderdijk surrounded us and stared at us. Olga encouraged us to be relaxed and creative, so gradually we were more and more in the zoom and enjoying ourselves. The session started at 7 am and finished at 2 pm. It was tiring but fruitful.

The photos turn out to be exactly we expected. They are very iconic of the Netherlands, classical and natural. Olga also made them into a beautiful album, which we took to Singapore and enjoy from time to time.

Yi, Singapore

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A sunny moment on a rainy Friday. I've decided to give a unique present to my partner. We held a session with Olga at my home. It was a beautiful photoshoot with a relaxed and professional atmosphere. The photos are the eye-catchers in the room. This gift was a total surprize and is cherished by both of us.

Ellen, Rotterdam

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For my website I wanted beautiful business photos that wouldn’t be cold and distant. This is not who I am. Luckily I discovered Olga’s site.

Already the initial consultation when Olga gave me tips on how to prepare for the photo session was very pleasant. The photo session was fun and relaxed. Olga knows how to create a situation when the lens suddenly does not feel frightening any more which was always a problem to me.

And apart from this relaxed and pleasant setting Olga had also made fantastic photos. I really love these photos and received lots of good feedback on them.

Thank you Olga! I will surely come to work with you again!

Randy, Rotterdam

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We had the dream of making a "trash the dress" photo session in the tulip fields long before our wedding day.

And we were very lucky to have Olga as our photographer. She listened carefully to our wishes and was up to the challenge of finding our dreamy scenario. On the photo session day, it was very nice to feel she was as excited as we were.

We had lots of fun and the pictures turned out to be much more beautiful than we expected.

We loved it!

Julia & Daniel, Lisbon

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During the Book Year I sought to capture in a creative and fun way what book means to me. At the occasion of the publication of the book "In krabbengang door kreeftenboeken" I wanted a reportage with the book city of Leiden as location. I consulted Olga, and together we came up with a plan for the reportage.

On the top of my list stond Bibliotheca Thysiana with its special atmosphere. This 17th century library is an amazing setting for a series of portraits of a book scientist, and in spite of limited light in the library Olga managed to make speaking portraits.

The reportage that we had in the city afterwards took us to several places in Leiden that are closely connected with the book history. The only thing I had to think about was which books to use for the portraits, while Olga took care of the light, color and composition. The result: a series of wonderful photos that make a beautiful memory of a special day.

Alex Alsemgeest, Rotterdam

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Our photo session was a very pleasant experience. At first I was rather nervous. Luckily, Olga made me feel at ease and gave me confidence that I did well as a photo model.

This resulted in a series of beautiful photos presenting me in a hopefully appealing manner. It was important for me that my mediation clients get a feeling of a pleasant, calm and trustworthy mediator. Olga was professional and listened to my wishes well.

Sytske, Rotterdam

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My husband was getting 50, and I wanted to surprize him with an original gift. I have thought that a photo of our family (myself, two sons a dog) would be a pleasant surprize for him.

Via Google I have found Olga, and her photos appealed to me. When I called her to talk about details the contact was immediately so warm and fine that I got a very good feeling about the whole project.

On the day of the photo shoot all went relaxed and fun. And the final result was a great surprize. We had really made my husband happy with this wonderful gift.

Ellen, Rotterdam

Hallo Olga,

Following our photoshoot I send you this message.

Everybody in our club was very happy with the photos: they have become the eye-catchers of the living-rooms of all of us.

During the session we enjoyed each other and the relaxed atmosphere that you have created.

We are very grateful for your close cooperation and sensitivity to our needs.

So on behalf of all of us, once again THANKS A LOT!

And certainly: TILL NEXT TIME.

Warm regards!

Ina, Oude-Tonge

Looking for a good photographer for a family reportage we came across Olga's website. Her style and professionalism immediately appealed to us.

Olga had perfectly captured the memories of a wonderful family day. With beautiful photos as a result.

Thank you Olga, we found it super!

Karlijn, Zwijndrecht

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The photos that Olga creates are just marvelous. The photo shoot I had with her was a lot of fun and the images are extremely beautiful.

I would recommend everyone to book her as a photographer!

Gesine, Rotterdam

The photo session with Olga was great fun as she knows on how to capture the true best of you.

Her shots belong to my all-time favorites.

Jane, Rotterdam

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