Children Photography: What Clients Say


There are few photographers who are able to create an arena of complete trust and freedom of expression.

One of these photographers is Olga, we thank her from our hearts.

Alicyn, Rotterdam

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We were looking for a photographer and wanted something different from a typical studio photography with white backdrops and balloons. Via Internet we have found Olga’s retro-style photos and we found her style great.

We booked a portrait session for our children and a photo reportage for the Spring Ceremony of our eldest daughter. Olga really takes her time to make the reportages work best and gives lots of tips and advice. Her reportages were also pleasant for the children!

The photos are wonderful and exceeded our expectations! We spent hours enjoying them and find each single photo amazing.

It’s really our children as they are: Matteo with his impish look, Luisa the strong character, and Emilia the dreamy princess.

The grandparents have enjoyed the albums of their grandchildren a lot, and we got lots of compliments about the photos from our friends.

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And after a photo session one year later:

Super lovely, each time we discover new elements in the photos and stand still admiring these 'speaking images'.

We are extremely happy with your work and can recommend it to anybody. Capturing the quickness of the world in beautiful images. The children grow so quickly that already a few months later you wonder how they were this summer. These reportages are to cherish. We keep enjoying them. The large family portraits will be framed before the New Year and we will give them as a present to the grandparents: a more personal gift we cannot imagine. They will enjoy them every day. You can think of a thousand ways to thank them for all their help and support but this one we find the most beautiful!

Ann en Jo, Amougies, Belgium

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We recommend Olga as a talented interpreter of reality, almost a magician that transforms routine into mystery with a flash of mind and a camera.

Olga, thank you for your acute look penetrating into the essence and characters of our children!

Natalia & Igor, Moscow

For some time we were busy looking for a photographer whose style both of us would like. When we saw Olga's work we were convinced immediately. And the result is there to remain!

We are extremely happy with the portraits of our little daughters. They are so pure, show their character and reflect their personalities very well. Truly special.

Olga's approach is very pleasant and personal: from the consultation chat when she is really interested in what you find important as a client and what kind of persons the children are, to the very relaxed photoshoot at a nearby park where the children felt comfortable at once, to the personal delivery of a photo book.

You can see that Olga performs her work with lots of love and pleasure.

Now that we are expecting our third daughter we think of planning the next photo shoot with the whole family after some time. We look forward to it already!

Jan en Anna-Maria, Utrecht

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When we expected our daughter Silke, Olga made a marvellous photo reportage of us. Thanks to it we could record that special time in a special manner. When we were expecting Silke's little sister it was a beautiful moment to do a photo shoot again.

It was a gorgeous autumn day, and Silke and us fully enjoyed it. Thanks to Olga's kind and calm approach Silke could totally be herself. And it is amazing how Olga could capture in the photos the life's joy and admiration that are so purely present at that age. The photos are really unique and are so dear to us!

In the future we want to have a session with Olga again to photograph us with both of our girls. We believe that there is no better gift for ourselves, for the grandfathers and grandmothers and later for our daughters. The time passes by so quick...

Elske, Utrecht

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We were looking for a family photo reportage. What we did not want was a paused studio photo shoot. A short internet search had braught us to Olga's website. We were sold on her lovely photos and the description of her way of working. The choice was quickly made.

We got to know each other via a phone conversation where we agreed upon the location, and Olga gave clear tips on what to wear, and met on the day of the photo shoot. Olga appeared to be a warm person. She made us feel comfortable and gave us some directions but further let us move freely.

Actually, we were afraid the session was difficult (namely, our 2,5 year-old daughter preferred to look at the pebbles on the path and not in the camera :)), but it turned out Olga made amazingly beautiful photos that capture our little girl but also us as a fiamily and as a couple as we are.

It is truly a gift to get the very right moment on the film, and Olga absolutely possesses this gift. We've enjoyed Olga's warm and personal apporach and her enthusiasm. And of course the results. When I say we are happy with the results of this photo shoot every day, there is no word of exaggeration in it.

Lynne, Schiedam

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It's so fast a child grows. There are beautiful memories of special moments to keep.

Because my child lives with me and I spend most of the time with him I came to discover we have very little photos of us together. A photo session with Olga totally changed that.

I have wonderful photos where Olga had captured my band with my child in a beautiful and emotional way. She also made amazing photos of Toon that show him exactly as he is. Most importantly, each of these images is equally beautiful. My family and friends could not stop talking about these photos.

Olga is a professional with a very sharp eye for a strong image. And apart from that the photos have something pure and artistic.

These wonderful moments will remain forever!

Myra, Rotterdam

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We were looking for a photographer who does not offer a regular photo shoot but could really capture who we are in a personal artistic manner.

I came in contact with Olga. We phoned with each other several times to get to learn each other better. This gave me a feeling of trust, while Olga learnt what's important for us, and what we wanted to see back in the photos. Also during the photo shoot she was very involved but also gave us the space to be with each other. Exactly through this approach we got the amazing results.

The photos radiate who we are, and every day we are happy with the beautiful images dsiplayed in our living room. Each time we have visitors we get to hear how fantastic the photos are that hang above our coach! We are so happy with them!

We hope to see each other again in the future together with our new baby! 

Eva, Rotterdam

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Olga's talents exceeded our expectations. As we prepared for our move back to the USA, we wanted to capture family photos in memorable places of the country we came to love. Our favorite treasure was the amazing photo book Olga created of our daughter Hailey and her very first pony - Jamie. 

We enjoyed our time with Olga during the multiple photo shoots and will always treasure our family portraits.

Kimberly, San Francisco, USA

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Olga, you took amazing photos of our four children ranging in age from 2 to 15 years old. And you made us look good, too. That's incredible.

The family was instantly at ease with your calm, friendly and professional demeanor. The kids also enjoyed the photo shoot... felt like playtime instead of a chore.

Your photos capture each of our kids personalities so naturally. We love them and are still awed by them. Thank you!

Jacqueline & Kevin, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Photos from this photo session  and a year later  another reportage together

I was looking for a photographer who could make separate portraits of my five grandchildren of 6 to 15 years of age. The idea was to capture them as they are now in a way that would bring out their personality. Olga was ready to photograph the children in their own environment - which meant a visit to two homes - and then came along to help us in person to make a selection so that the final gallery would also stand as a whole.

The children enjoyed it and we as grandparents are happy with the beautiful portraits showing our grandchildren as they are...

Neks, Soest

 Take a look at the photo session with the  three little brothers in Soest  and  two sisters in The Hague

The photos on Olga's website appealed to me: so classic, romantic and stylish. We had high expectations but Olga met them all.

We had a short introduction and the photo session went on very naturally. The kids played as usual while Olga made photos. She captured some small less obvious moments that later turned out the most beautiful images.

We are very happy with the photos and I know for sure we want Olga to come back.

Maria, Rotterdam

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What splendid photos you've made of our little girls. Really such a beautiful work! I am so much impressed of all you have managed to capture: those typical looks and expressions. It's just amazing. The book is really beautiful but also the prints on that special paper. The images really speak that way. Lara with her blond locks and that angry look is readlly awesome on that paper. And the portrait of Anna with her shining eyes, also marvellous.

Bettie, Rotterdam

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We wanted a family portrait with two families. The atmosphere of the photos on Olga's website appealed to me very much. After a phone talk with among the rest clothing advice we planned our photo session in a park on a morning hour with beatiful light.

It is quite a challenge to get 7 persons with 3 school kids among them relaxed and happy on the photo. Especially when it's still chilly.

Olga knew how to establish a relaxed atmosphere easily. She let us run and play around to keep it fun and warm for us. She made beautiful photos of those spontaneous moments.

Olga really takes the time so it turned our a really varied photo shoot: two families together, both families apart, the kids together and their solo portraits.

The reactions are unanimous: What wonderfully beautiful photos these are, and how good everybody looks on them!

The seven of us and the five grandparents are very glad and happy with the photos!

Olga, thank you for the pleasant shoot, the prompt editing and, of course, for the marvellous photos in the first place!

Corrien, Waddinxveen

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Olga came to us on a beautiful autumn day. We started early so that the children won't get a very long day. Olga is really patient and is very open and warm to the children.

Working together went very smooth, and the kids especially liked having a walk just with Olga alone. The photos turned out splendid!

Thank you so much, Olga, for that beautiful day, lovely photos and all the service.

With love,

Vos family, Apeldoorn

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We had our children photographed by Olga. With Olga and thanks to her we had a very pleasant afternoon that resulted in a splendid photo collection.

Our children felt at ease with Olga and therefore look very natural on the photos. We also have several beautiful photographs of all four of us.

The photos were taken in a park and in the dunes.

Olga’s strength is to photograph in a natural – yet not an everyday – way!

Muriel & Jacq, Wassenaar


Dear Olga,

Thank you so much for the very pleasant day and more than great photos.

The results have far exceeded our expectations. The personalities, family ties and emotions: they are all read from these beautiful photo stories. We are extemely grateful that you captured this moment in our life.

The results will become more and more precious with each year.

Thank you!

Caroline, Rotterdam

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Our son Jesse was turning one year old, and to make it a lasting memory we were looking for a photographer. I did not know what exactly is it I look for before I came across Olga's website. Very special, authentic, a little magic and beautiful. I was sold at once!

We had an extremely fun and relaxed photo session on a sunny spring day. And the result will remain. We are happy with our photos and they captured a beautiful moment of our life.

Olga, I experienced you as a heartly and open person and a real artist. We felt so comfortable with you.

Thank you for the unforgettable day and see you again.

Greetings from Ezra, Maarten & Jesse, Barendrecht

We had chosen Olga consciously. We wanted photos of our children that would sparkle with the pleasure of a beautiful summer day. The photos turned out splendid and radiant.

Many thanks for that gorgeous capture of everyday children's joy in the sun!

Dymphna, Rotterdam

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Wehave asked Olga to photograph our two daughters. The youngest was just six weeks old at the time of the reportage, so we were very anxious to see the results!

Olga took care that the children felt comfortable during the reportage and photographed them at the most unexpected moments. This led to very beautiful photos.

I's special to see these funny, pure and intimate photos.

Claudia, Rotterdam

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Two years old is the magic age for a child. Open-minded, curious and pure. We wanted to capture these beautiful things and moments. 

With Olga it became possible. On a grayish day in a park Olga managed to make a delightfully pure reportage with our little girl.

And the results will remain!

Sara, Rotterdam

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Olga did our little daughter’s photo shoots. It was a pleasure to work with her. She is a patient photographer, a real artist who pays attention to detail and has a great sense of composition.

Her portraits are full of life, charm and bright colors and reveal one’s inner beauty.

Anna & Robert, The Hague

We keep enjoying the wonderful photos you made of our family, and I believe it's already been 3 years. Time really passes quick.

Recently the children talked about it, how much fun it was to make photos with you in the park! So nice they still remember it as a beautiful moment. We also keep looking back at it. Really lovely how you made such relaxed and beautiful photos.

Eline, Berkel en Rodenrijs

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My family and I moved to Rotterdam a year ago. I wanted to capture our stay here through pictures, and that is how we met Olga. She made it so easy for me and my husband and was especially patient with my 2 daughters, who are not used to being photographed. With a natural environment and Olga's perfect eye for capturing special moments the result is what we wanted. 

We cannot wait for another season, and make it a tradition!

Zanya, Rotterdam

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Thank you for the amazing portraits!

Lisa enjoyed being a star and getting lots of attention. Her posing was very obvious at first but you knew how to handle her, and the photos turned out natural and classical.

I am also very happy with the portraits of myself that you shot in between!

Olga P., Moscow

No photos at unnatural surroundings, with artificial light and made poses. But our children as they are and at the best surroundings: outdoors. On a lovely spring morning, at the beautiful gardens of Arboretum recommended by Olga.

Together we had a relaxed and fun morning with marvellous results at which we look with lots of pleasure every day.

Olga takes all the time, she uses light and colors in a wonderful way so that the photos become real works of art.

Thank you!

Karin & Pascal, Rotterdam

Great photos again! I already had a pretty little princess! But you made a fairy-tale princess out of her :))

It was great to be able to work with Olga. Very beautiful photos, we are so happy with them!

And the kids are crazy about the photographer :))

Christina, The Hague

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Finally beautiful photographs! You have made a beautiful and lasting memory of the birthday party of Jesse and Eden on a playground.

I am very happy with the natural and spontaneous photos and the photo book that I can proudly show to everybody.

Michelle, Rotterdam


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