About Olga

Thank you for clicking through to this page: it’s almost like saying hello in person!

Here a few things about me:

I grew up surrounded by family portraits and always loved the moments of going through the family albums together. There were so many stories connected to the photos, sometimes dating more than hundred years back. Funny, romantic, nostalgic stories, whole adventures even. And I could see my grandparents grow up! I am eternally grateful for having access to all these memories.

I know how photography can connect you with the past and the future – on a personal and on the family level. So I love helping people build their heritage and preserve today’s memories for the future.

The mystery of time fascinated me, so would it surprise you that I went to study history? Gaining my MA and then my PhD, I spent years with half of my thoughts in the Renaissance times. This makes me feel like an expert in time travel.

That ability to be in different worlds simultaneously helps me turn portrait photography into your personal time machine.

Now when I told you about myself, I would like to learn more about you!

Call me for your free consultation and let us talk about you and your wishes!

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